These are the guidelines that the Muslimahs club moderators have put together for ourselves. We encourage others to read through them as well. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please share here!

Tolerance and Inclusivity

(1) We affirm this space to be inclusive of queer and non-binary members

(2) We affirm this space to be inclusive and accepting of all Muslims

(3) Please be mindful about statements such as “Islam is… / is not...", or "Islam says/ says not…” if you are not an Islamic scholar

Types of rooms

(1) Closed rooms

Closed rooms are visible to anyone that is already a member of the Muslimahs club, but not visible to anyone else on Clubhouse.

(2) Open to Muslimahs only

Most rooms will be public, but intended only for Muslimahs. (This is to be more inclusive to Muslimahs who haven't been added as members yet, are new to Clubhouse, etc.) Moderators should:

(3) Open to everyone

Some rooms will be open to everyone. For example, topics focused around mental health and wellbeing may remain open to all, so our brothers can also benefit from the knowledge shared.